Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic Middletown DE Gloria Testimonial

"Dr. Wendel doesn't just treat you like a patient, she treats you as a friend. She is very knowledgeable. I felt better in a short period of time. I really hate to have to move after finding Dr. Wendel."

- Gloria H.

Chiropractic Middletown DE Sadler Testimonial

"I had severe back pain as well as bad knees. As a nurse, I spent many years on my feet and lifted many patients. After I retired, I wanted to be able to travel to Ireland with my friend so I decided to try SpineMed decompression. After being treated with Dr. Wendel, who I consider a dear friend, my back feels so much better that I have decided to finally deal with my knees. I'll be a new woman after that!!

I highly recommend SpineMed decompression with Dr. Wendel to anyone who wants their life back."

- Donna S.

Chiropractic Middletown DE Kaye Testimonial

"I followed Dr. Wendel from another clinic when she left. I come to Dr. Wendel because she cares about getting me better. She uses innovative methods; she really does more than any other doctor who has treated me. She works hard to understand what's going on with me, not only my spine but also my entire body and what affect that has on my quality of life in terms of pain.

Mostly, She listens and adjusts her treatment, every time if necessary, according to what is going on with me that specific day. She treats with competent gentle loving care each and every visit. I recommend her to anyone who wants to get the best treatment in the area."

- Sister Kaye S.

"Okay, so last weekend my back started acting up REALLY BAD. I have back issues but they usually do not rear their ugly head but maybe two or so times a year. I am usually so miserable, no range of movement, pains shooting down my legs. My daughter talked me into getting adjusted at Dr. Patricia Wendel's office. I did this yesterday and today I am 99% better. She is really nice and she fixed me up immediately. I was skeptical at first and did not want to get it done but the process is so different than what I expected! It's painless and made my back feel better than it has in years!"

- Linda G.

"Before coming to Dr. Wendel, I had two Discectomies. This Treatment (SpineMed Therapy) achieved better results than those procedures. Dr. Wendel is very capable of getting people better and she is very compassionate. She is interested in your care, health and well-being. I was treated with respect and dignity. The SpineMed treatment was good. The treatment exceeded my expectations and I would do it again! I would tell anyone to try Dr. Wendel and SpineMed before anything else like physical therapy, shots and especially surgery."

- Luis A.


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